The exact day changes depending upon the olive maturity on the trees, but you can find us harvesting olives typically in mid-October. With so many trees it would be quite challenging to pick our orchard by hand. We use a mechanized harvester called an Oxbo. This type of harvester was originally designed for grape harvesting but as super high density olive trees became more prevalent, it’s design and size changed to accommodate olives. Standing at just over 14 ft. tall and 21 ft. long this machine is anything but small. It has the ability to pick olives at speeds of up to 4 mph. While 4 mph is somewhat uninspiring, consider humans move from a walk to a jog around 5-6 mph. Now imagine jogging through an orchard trying to grab olives off a tree…..it’s hard, we’ve tried. We also like that by using a mechanized harvester no olive fruit comes in contact with human hands or the ground along the journey from tree to mill. The added element of soil or other contaminants can adversely affect whether or not your oil is extra virgin quality or defective.