Making Extra Virgin Dreams

Organic Roots is a family owned and operated company. Each family member looks after a different aspect of the company. Nathan and Lukas look after the milling operations and are responsible for the award winning organic olive oil Organic Roots produces year after year.

Like the Black and White Cookie, two different flavors coming together to create one of the most delicious baked goods, so Nathan and Lukas completely opposite, work in unison to press some of the best organic EVOO California has to offer. They share a last name but go about their day to day completely differently. So much so that it benefits our oil production during harvest. Nathan is an early bird and runs the mill for the first 8 hours of the day while Lukas tends to be a night owl and relieves Nathan for the evening shift. The end result is a collaboration that is a treat for the palate!

The Trifecta

That’s a lot of brotherly love going into our EVOO, however there is one more side to this olive oil story and her name is Nikkol. Sister to the brothers mentioned above, Nikkol plays an integral role in our oil production. She is onsite for both the morning and evening shift of the mill operation making her day longest of all. Not only does she oversee olive entry from the orchard to mill, but balances the books as well. One might even say she brings balance to her brothers during “pressing” moments, ha!