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October 1, 2020

Organic Short Grain Brown Rice


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If you’re familiar with Organic Roots you know we grow and press organic olives for award winning extra virgin olive oil. What you may not know is our olive orchards got their start in one of our original organic rice fields. California Organic Rice is and has been the main stay of our Family’s Farm. For over 30 years we’ve specialized in growing and milling Organic Short, Medium, and Sweet Grains of White and Brown Rice.

Grown in the northwest corner of the Sacramento Valley, we’re isolated from the vast commercial rice growing areas. The foothills of the Cascade
Mountain range provide soil that is deep and fertile. The water shed of the Shasta-Trinity Alps bring water that is clean, cool, and pure! Only natural methods of weed and pest control are used as we follow strict organic farming methods that have been used for generations. From our family’s fields to your family’s table please enjoy our California Organic Short Grain Brown Rice!

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